The Cashtester product range includes many more products than detectors, coin and banknote counters. What do you think of our scale CP 707 which counts your coins and notes? Or a simple coin board for your change?

Cashtester also has UV lamps in the range. These products are often used to monitor both notes and other securities. But did you know that credit cards, ID cards and other identification documents often include UV characteristics? A UV lamp can help you.

Our counterfeit pen (CT 570) is used in many places: a very practical product for the first check.

  • CP 705

    This coin tray can be used everywhere coins are processed: order your coins nice and quickly! The CP 705 can hold 50 coins each of € 0,05 until € 2 and 30 coins of € 0,01 and € 0,02.

  • CP 707

    The CP 707 scale saves you a lot of time because you can quickly count sorted banknotes and coins: just put them on the scale and it does all the work for you!

  • CT 570

    The real classic among counterfeit detecting products! The CT 570 can be used for almost every currency worldwide

  • CT 575

    The CT 575 is a small, portable and neat piece of equipment to test banknotes quickly on authenticity by testing the UV and magnetic features.

  • CT 580

    This 4W UV-lamp and torch can be used perfectly on the way to check UV safety features on banknotes, ID cards and credit cards!

  • CT 582

    The safety feature UV is used on almost all banknotes worldwide and can be read/seen by using an UV-lamp. With the CT 582 and its powerful 9W UV lamp you can check easily banknotes and other official documents like credit cards, drivers licenses and passports on authenticity.

  • CT 584

    The CT 584 can check banknotes and other official documents (like credit cards, ID cards, etc.) on UV (2* 6W) and additionally also with white light (for checking the watermark) and on magnetic features.

  • CT 586

    With our product range of UV-lamps, the CT 586 has most options: 2* 6W UV-lamps, white light, a magnetic reading head and a magnifying glass for the small safety feature graphics.

  • ID-Checker

    Scan an ID-card, drivers license or passport with the MERLIN ID-Checker and you immediately know if the person is old enough to purchase tobacco, liquor, etc.