Company Details:

Cashtester, Industrieweg 4, 3606 AS Maarssen, The Netherlands
+31(0)88 6288255

Bank: Cashtester/Amwit Security BV
IBAN: NL96 ABNA 0423 0020 58
BIC: ABNANL2A ABN bank (Netherlands)
VAT number: NL8504 87 353 B01.
KvK: 52531198

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Cashtester was founded in 2004 and since then we have experienced a continuous growth in the European market thanks to our customers/distributors and high quality products. Since January 2014 Cashtester belongs to the Merlin company and it is located in Maarssen (NL): superbly located at just a 15 minutes’ drive from Amsterdam!

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Together with our sister companies Lincsafe (intelligent safes), Merlin and Denocard Jadrimex (taken over by Merlin in 2014) we can provide you with a complete package of cash handling products like detectors, banknote counters, fitness sorters, deposit machines and much more. As one of the very few companies in Europe we can offer you an excellent combination of expertise, wide range of products and service (> 10 technicians) from 1 (beautiful) building. We would be pleased to welcome you too!

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