For counting and/or sorting Euro coins you can choose from many different products. The choice for a specific model is often defined by the number of coins which have to be counted/sorted daily.   

Individual shopkeeper or professional ‘money processor’? No matter the number of coins you want to count: we can offer you a solution for every situation. We would be pleased to help you with your choice.

  • CC 601

    The CC 601 proves already for many years its value as simple but reliable coin counter and sorter.

  • Merlin CS18

    The CS 18 is a simple but reliable coin counter and sorter.

  • CC 604

    The new CC 604 counts and sorts coins in retail environments at an incredible speed of 500 coins per minute.

  • CC 611

    The CC 611 counts up to 3,400 sorted coins per minute. Suitable for most coins and tokens worldwide!